Fratellanza Society

Società Unione e Fratellanza Italiana

Keeping Italian Culture Alive!!


The Fratellanza is the oldest Italian American organization in the United States. The Fratellanza Society was organized on November 12, 1866 and was incorporated on December 6, 1866 as a fraternal and benevolent society under the Società Unione e Fratellanza Italiana (Italian Fraternal Union). Click here to see a photo of the house where the first Fratellanza Society meetings were held.

The Primary objective was and continues to be, to create an organization that will promote unity between Italians and their adopted country. A unity which meant the fusing of all Italian-Americans into one compact body devoted to the interest of patriotism, charity, and brotherly love.

A business meeting is conducted on the first Wednesday of each month. We conduct annual events such as the annual banquet, memorial mass, and the member picnic. We also have many other special events chaired by ambitious members including Cardinal baseball outings, night at the races, trivia nights, and many more. The group also participates in Italian community events ranging from local festivals to the Columbus Day parade.

The initial and current purpose of the Fratellanza is the promotion of the general welfare of all members in the tradition of the Italian American community. Any male, eighteen years or older, may apply for membership. The Fratellanza strives to keep alive the Italian roots and heritage of the founders, however membership is open to all, regardless of ethnic background.

Members are encouraged to be very active. There are many committees within the Fratellanza and participation by members is of the utmost importance to our success.

Regular meetings are held every first Wednesday of the month at Guido's on "The Hill" at 7:00pm.


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Current Fratellanza Officers

President - Robert Hawkins

First Vice President - Eric Bohn

Second Vice President - Joseph Bilenchi

Corresponding Secretary - Nickolas DiMartino

Asst. Corresponding Secretary - Sanford Rabushka

Treasurer - Scott Sundhausen

Asst. Treasurer - Jack Tocco

Financial Secretary - Paul Grundhauser

Asst. Financial Secretary - Gerald Spavale

Warden - Salvatore Colletti

Marshal - Daniel Biondo

Trustee 1- Carmelo Desemone

Trustee 2 - John DeBellis

Trustee 3 - Mark Luther

Chaplain - Rev. Leo Spezia

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Guy Gagliardi, Antonio Curotto and Rev. Leo J. Spezia Award Information and Winners!

Member Forms and Supplemental Information


Don't forget The Circolo Sociale meets every third Thursday at Guido's on "The Hill" at 7:00pm.

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Our Address

Fratellanza Society

P.O. Box 39397

St. Louis, MO  63139-8397


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